About Us

It’s not often you find the dedication to service in a company that holds itself to such high standards as Lawler Construction Incorporated. From the age of 19, Jim Lawler knew he wanted to be a builder and set himself to the task of learning from the best. He learned how important relationships are in business from his father, who was a plumbing contractor for 30 years in the Sedona/Verde Valley area. He learned every aspect of construction from the leading contractors in the area and at the age of 26, he was awarded his first contract to build a home as a general contractor. Jim and Cindy Lawler have been building their family business together in the Verde Valley for over 37 years. Their motto: “Good Service, Good Value and Good Quality” has been the foundation of their business. They believe in keeping costs to a minimum, without sacrificing quality, and passing those savings along to their clients.

Jim & Cindy Lawler

The homes that Lawler Construction builds today aren’t the homes they built 25 years ago. They’re better. The homes built today benefit from decades of experience, advancements in building science, and their dedication to the standards of being an ENERGYSTAR® Partner. As invitees to ProBuild’s ProEarth University, Jim Lawler and his son Patrick attended workshops and clinics on state-of-the-art and green building materials, sustainable building practices, energy saving, and health and well-being products. With this knowledge and superior construction methods, Lawler Construction offers tangible benefits in home construction and an extended life expectancy for each home. They are one of the few construction companies in Northern Arizona that have weathered the economic recessions and have come out stronger. They value and appreciate the people they work with, and clients know that the team building their home are just as dedicated to quality as Jim is. Homeowners of a Lawler-built home often become long-standing friends and return clients. As Jim says “I love building homes…all aspects of the business.” Lawler Construction Inc. is a company in its prime.

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